Workshops and Events



Meditation Workshop

JCC Cohn Campus


(Sept. 4, Oct 2, Nov 6, Dec 4)

Western medicine is finally catching on to what Eastern mystics have known for centuries:  Meditation is good for your body and mind!

A strong meditation practice can help you lower anxiety and depression, enhance your immune system, increase your well-being, and boost creativity, along with decreasing stress and reducing pain.

Join us on the First Tuesday of each month to explore and discuss several meditation techniques to find the one that works best for you!

Reiki 1

Pose by Pose Yoga Studio

September 16th 1-6 pm

Reiki Level One will attune you to the Universal Reiki Energy. In this attunement, we will learn about the history of Reiki and open your chakras to receive Reiki Energy. After this attunement, you may begin healing yourself and others.

Each participant will receive a Reiki 1 Manual which includes a take-home self-treatment guide.

This attunement is your first step to connect with the Universal healing energy of Reiki.

You are welcome if you have an interest in working with this healing energy. Reiki Level 1 Attunement is a first step on the path to learning and sharing Reiki with others.

If you are already attuned to any level of Reiki, this is an opportunity to recharge and strengthen your connection. Leave feeling rejuvenated and more confident integrating Reiki into your life.

Sunday, September 16th

***Those already attuned at any level who want a refresh- $60 per person to be paid in studio. Please call (813) 501-4987 for enrollment.***


Reiki Circle

Pose by Pose Yoga Studio

October: 8th
November: 5th
December: 10th


Please join us to meet Libby Creagh, Reiki Master and yoga teacher to learn and share Reiki energy in our monthly Reiki Circles.

These events are designed to build community, raise consciousness, and increase peace. We will share a group meditation and give each participant a short Reiki treatment.

All are welcome to this free event, whether you are attuned to Reiki or just curious. Please sign up in advance and come help us build our Reiki community!

Questions? Call (813) 501-4987

Libby is an Usui and Karuna-Ki Reiki Master, graduate of Pose By Pose Yoga’s 500-hour teacher training program, and beautiful leader of our Reiki community here at Pose By Pose Yoga.

Reiki 2

Pose by Pose Yoga Studio

October 14th 2-7 pm

Reiki 2 attunes you to three of the Reiki symbols. In this level you will learn how to incorporate the symbols into your practice. You will also learn how to work with the chakra system to help yourself and your clients find balance.We will discuss how to begin working as a Reiki practitioner.

Space is limited, call  (813) 501-4987 to reserve yours.

Reiki Refresher

Pose by Pose Yoga Studio

December 8th 2-5 pm

This course is designed for those who have been attuned to any level of Reiki and want to renew and refresh their connection to Reiki Energy. I would especially like to invite those who were attuned to Reiki but have not been working with the energy. This is an opportunity to return to the healing path of Reiki.

We will discuss how to incorporate Reiki into your life, answer your Reiki questions, and share Reiki meditations. Each student will receive a renewed attunement to their current level of Reiki.

Space is limited. Please call (813) 501-4987