Essential You Yoga

Welcome.  I am here to help you find more mobility and release stress easily.  I offer simple techniques to help you connect to your essential self using the tools of yoga, meditation, breath, and reiki.

I welcome you to join me for a public or private practice so you can experience more freedom of breath and movement and connect with others in community.

Stress Less

We live in a world that is constantly connected, always immersed in noise.  It’s difficult to find a moment to hear yourself think.  Unplug through a practice of movement and breath that will reconnect you to your inner voice.  Click here to find a public class to join.

I know that schedules can be crazy and it’s not always easy to find the time for class.  That’s ok – I am here for you! I will help create a custom practice so you can cultivate your connection to self using the tools of yoga, meditation, and reiki.  You may choose to practice alone, or with a group of up to 5 people. Call 813-435-9328 or Email to schedule your time for you.

Yoga for Mobility

As we gain in years and move less, the fascia in our bodies gets brittle and moving gets difficult.  My morning classes are perfect if you enjoy movement and breath and want to keep your body mobile.

If you don’t feel comfortable coming to a public yoga class, I design a personalized practice that addresses your unique body.  We can set and achieve mobility goals or simply plan a regular practice that will make you feel your best.

Call 813-435-9328 or Email today to learn how we can work together to connect you with your highest and your best.

I am trained to work with older adults and use the tools of yoga to address specific issues and create tangible results.

Let’s collaborate to reach your highest and best!


Call 813-435-9328 or Email today to learn how we can work together to connect you with your highest and your best.

Essential You Yoga Can Help You…

Calm Your Mind ॐ  Strengthen Your Immunity  ॐ  Reduce Pain  ॐ  Gain Strength and Flexibility  ॐ  Remove Toxins  ॐ  Release the Past  ॐ  Gain Freedom of Movement

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