Essential You Yoga

Helping You Shine Your Sacred Self.

The support you need to connect to your highest and best.  Let’s collaborate to find your ideal alignment: physically, spiritually, and emotionally so that you can move freely,  break through energetic blocks, release the past, and embrace your divine reality.

Using 20 years of experience studying yoga, reiki, meditation, and aromatherapy, I create a holistic experience to help you connect to your sacred self at home or in community.

Let’s collaborate to reach your highest and best!

Essential You Yoga Can Help You…

Calm Your Mind ॐ  Strengthen Your Immunity  ॐ  Reduce Pain  ॐ  Gain Strength and Flexibility  ॐ  Remove Toxins  ॐ  Release the Past  ॐ  Gain Freedom of Movement

Call 813-435-9328 or Email today for an evaluation and learn about how we can work together to connect you with your highest and your best.


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