Advanced Reiki Refresher Course

Reiki – The Transfer Of Universal Healing Energy From The Infinite To The Individual.

A 21 Day Course To Advance Your Connection To Reiki Energy.

Let’s Strengthen Your Connection

  • Have you been attuned at any level of Reiki, but feel that you’ve become disconnected and stopped practicing?
  • Do you have questions about how to sense the presence of your Reiki guides?
  • Do you want to know how to access the power of Reiki in your everyday life and to help others?

Usui Reiki Masters Paty ‘La Mariposa’ Hernandez and Libby Creagh have worked together to create a 21 day Course to strengthen your connection to Reiki Energy. 

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The FIRST 10 students who sign up will receive a FREE Attunement!


Each day, you’ll receive access to videos, meditations, and presentations that will help you re-connect and re-energize.

Together, we will:

  • Explore how to increase your connection to spirit.
  • Learn how to conduct more effective reiki sessions.
  • Get concrete ideas on how to utilize Reiki to achieve your goals.
  • You’ll also connect with other lightworkers and healers in a network designed to answer your questions and move you to the next level.

Normally the tuition for this course is $108.

But for a limited time, we are offering the Advanced Reiki Refresher course for only $67.

As an added bonus, receive a 30 minute personal distance healing and attunement session if you are one of the first 10 students who sign up!

Click here to reserve your spot in the 21 Day Advanced Reiki Refresher Course today!


About Your Guides

Paty “La Mariposa” Hernandez is an Usui Reiki master and certified in Color Harmonics and counseling. She has worked extensively with individuals experiencing trauma, cancer, and addictions, and has a special place in her heart for healing those in the profession of healing others.  She is also a Masters Social Work intern in Miami, FL


 Libby Creagh is an Usui Reiki master and experienced registered yoga teacher who has offered her teachings throughout the world.  She is currently working to complete her yoga therapy certification in Tampa, FL.



Click here to reserve your spot in the 21 Day Advanced Reiki Refresher Course today!