brenda1“Libby Creagh has been coming to me for private yoga lessons since last May. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis & four joint replacements which makes it hard for me to attend a group practice. She is able to tailor my practice according to my needs that day, even Reiki when I need it. I feel so blessed to have found such a compassionate instructor who has also become a good friend. Thank you, Libby, for all you do for me!”

~Brenda W., Private Client


“I had been having neck and shoulder pain after a car accident several years ago. Deneia After a one-on-one session with Libby, I was able to gain a better understanding of the alignment of my body.  Not only did she take her time to go through different movements with me that brought relief to my shoulder and upper body, she also provided a visual diagram that I could take home with me and practice.  The 60 minute session was beneficial overall, and I look forward to returning.  What I found through my lessons with Libby is that consistent yoga practice over time helps to build strength and calms my mind.”

~Dr. Fairweather, Private Client



“As an active, 30 year martial arts student and practitioner, I know that yoga is way more


 than just stretching and holding a pose, and because of Libby’s 2 decades of training and teaching I can tell she knows this too! After I sustained a leg injury that needed surgery, 5 months of recovery and then rehab, Libby created custom yoga routines to help me regain my strength, mobility and to heal and now I’m back in the dojo! Thank you Libby!”

~Chris G., Private Client



“I’ve received private yoga classes with Libby and participated in group classes with her. She’s very attentive to her students and patient. She explains well the postures and most importantly always reminds me to breathe which I have a tendency to forget.” ~Paty H., Private Client




“Reconosco a Libby como una chica muy dulce y buena profesora de yoga, exelente

 en dialectos con otras personas…muy sociable.” ~Orlando M., Yoga Student