“I had been having neck and shoulder pain after a car accident several years ago. DeneiaAfter a one-on-one session with Libby, I was able to gain a better understanding of the alignment of my body.  Not only did she take her time to go through different movements with me that brought relief to my shoulder and upper body, she also provided a visual diagram that I could take home with me and practice.  The 60 minute session was beneficial overall, and I look forward to returning.  What I found through my lessons with Libby is that consistent yoga practice over time helps to build strength and calms my mind.”

~Dr. Fairweather, Private Client

Private Plug



An ancient system of movement (asana), breath control  (pranayam), and meditation.  In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali recommends yoga to “still the fluctuations of the mind.”

Yoga focuses and quiets your mind as you stretch and strengthen your body, offering you direct access to your sacred self.  With practice, this connection comes with greater ease (sukha) and you are able to bring this alignment into your everyday.

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Stress Less

We live in a world that is constantly connected, always immersed in noise.  It’s difficult to find a moment to hear yourself think.  Unplug through a practice of movement and breath that will reconnect you to your inner voice.  Click here to find a public class to join.

I know that schedules can be crazy and it’s not always easy to find the time for class.  That’s ok – I am here for you! I will help create a custom practice so you can cultivate your connection to self using the tools of yoga, meditation, and reiki.  You may choose to practice alone, or with a group of up to 5 people. Call 813-435-9328 or Email to schedule your time for you.

Yoga for Mobility

As we gain in years and move less, the fascia in our bodies gets brittle and moving gets difficult.  My Monday afternoon classes are perfect if you enjoy movement and breath and want to increase your flexibility, balance, and mobility.

If you don’t feel comfortable coming to a public yoga class, I design a personalized practice that addresses your unique body.  We can set and achieve mobility goals or simply plan a regular practice that will make you feel your best.


A yoga practice might be right for you if:


  • You already have a fitness program that includes high-energy activities such as running, biking, or weight lifting.


Yoga is a perfect balance to a high voltage fitness routine.  It provides the perfect YIN to the energetic YANG that you’re offering your body by giving your body space to integrate your workout and calm your mind.

Your practice can help you build strength, and increase flexibility.  As you practice yoga, you’ll find tight muscles lengthening as brittle fascia loosens.  Yoga also offers strength building — the ideal practice combines sthira and sukha – strength and ease.


  • You have an ideal body weight that you’re working towards.

A consistent yoga practice will help you lose weight, but not in the way that you think!   Regularly coming to your mat will increase your body awareness, making it easier to tune in and listen to your needs.  You will find that your desire for eating unhealthy foods or over-eating naturally diminishes.  Eventually, you will intuitively crave healthier fuel for your body.


  • You want to calm stress and strong emotions.

As you practice combining movement and breath,  your mind will begin to calm, your heart rate slow, and the stress hormone cortisol will ease in your body.

Yoga encourages activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, which is your body’s natural stress relief.  The effects of yoga radiate in your life up to 48 hours after you complete your physical practice.


  • You want to increase focus

It is so easy in life to get sucked into the constant chatter of your thoughts.  Yogis call this the Monkey Mind.

By training your body and mind to slow down, you are giving yourself tools to use when you step off your mat.  Practicing yoga, breath control, and meditation reminds us of the wise, sacred self we each have within, beneath the stress and chaos of life.


  • You have an older body, or are recovering from an  injury.

Yoga is ideal for helping us rise above limitations.  BKS Iyengar, one of the grandfathers of modern day yoga, began his practice unable to leave his bed.  He is known as a pinnacle of a healthy yogi, as seen in the book Light on Yoga.

No matter how you feel physically, yoga can meet you where you are by adapting postures for your unique body.


  • You are preparing for or recovering from birth.

Pregnancy is a unique and special time in a woman’s life.  Often, doctor’s tell us to cut back on more extreme exercises during this time of expectancy.  Yoga will help gently prepare your body for birth, and assist you in recovery and offer special bonding with your new baby after birth.


  • Support a Life Transition 

Transitions are difficult!  When our lives are moving from one pattern to another, we may feel unmoored and disconnected.  When we commit to a regular yoga practice, we can find a sense of ease and comfort that allows us to feel more grounded as we make our way from one place to the next.


  • Recover from a Trauma

A yoga practice can help you ground and connect after experiencing trauma.  I can help you by creating a custom practice that will allow you re-connect with your whole and sacred self through steady movement, breath-work, meditation, and reiki.


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