Shadow Integration

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

~ Carl Jung

This intensive workshop will take place over the course of one weekend.  In it, we will dive beneath the stories that  we spin about ourselves and into our deepest hearts.  Participants will be encouraged to be vulnerable with each other and themselves as they bring the unconscious to light.


When we are able to fully approach our lives from a state of complete consciousness, with awareness about our motivations and integration of our past, we can rise above our stories and fully step into our light.

Participants will take part in writing, consciousness raising circles, guided meditations, and yoga practices.  All participants agree to hold sacred what is revealed throughout the course of the workshop, and each agrees to a vow of silence when not actively engaged in a shadow integrating activity.

This workshop is designed as a Seva, and will be offered to a limited set of participants for donation only.


Life Coach Christopher Gayle will be co-hosting this event.

Please  Contact Me to express your interest.  This intimate workshop will be limited to 6 participants.