The Teacher Student Relationship

What is the difference between unrolling your mat among friends and stepping onto your mat when it’s just you and your teacher?  Traditionally, yoga was a cultivation of a relationship between one student and one teacher.  It was never taught in a class, but instead was doled out over time as the teacher judged that the student was physically and mentally prepared to go deeper.


My first private yoga experience happened spontaneously.  I was the only student who showed up for class with my favorite teacher.  She turned that into an opportunity to share partner yoga, which is a mix of unique poses done with two bodies instead of one.  What a cool experience!

The second time I worked privately was intentional.  I found that I wasn’t getting the push I needed in public yoga classes, and wanted to explore how I could best practice inverted yoga poses.  My teacher worked with me to create a custom sequence that addressed my specific mobility issues – very tight neck and shoulder muscles.  I walked away with a group of poses I could practice at home, which over time led to more flexibility and stability in my shoulder girdle.

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I was surprised the evening after my private lesson to feel as though I had received a massage!  I found the practice of working one-on-one to be nurturing, as my teacher constantly checked in with me and used her expert gaze to see things I was missing in my posture and alignment.

As a teacher, I often work with students who want to increase mobility and decrease stress.  Sometimes, my students want a routine that will target specific muscles and compliment the activities they do outside of yoga, such as my client who is an experienced martial arts practitioner.  Other clients prefer a custom practice to meet an ongoing issue, while still others prefer the one-on-one attention over moving in a group atmosphere.

Whatever your situation is, I believe that you can benefit from a personal experience.  That’s why I want to offer a Spring Special that drastically discounts the cost of a single private class.  In fact, this special offers the value of a free class when you commit to a 5 class package with me.

Together, we can create a sequence to meet your unique needs.  I draw on my twenty years experience and offer up the tools of reiki, meditation, and yoga to help you meet mobility goals, release the stress of your responsibilities, and step away from energy that doesn’t serve you.

Contact me to schedule your session today!  Virtual and In-Person Options are Available.

A Vivir en el Momento

I am still shaking off the sleep from a 2 am flight out of Managua Nicaragua as I sit snuggling my daughter and reflecting on the past week in this surprisingly cool Florida afternoon.

When I was invited to participate in Yoga Fest Nicaragua, I was excited to contribute to an event dedicated to showcasing yoga from a variety of international teachers.  I had few expectations, which gave me the freedom to experience and enjoy each moment fully.  The impromptu dinners with new and old friends, the Reiki treatments and card readings Paty la Mariposa and I shared, and the many moments of free form dancing that overtook us all were moments of joy sin expectativas.

Some of the plans I set in motion for the week came to fruition and others didn’t, which allowed me the opportunity to open to grace and allow the universe to surprise me with a week that turned out far better than what I could have imagined!

I’m grateful to have lived long enough to have this perspective – rather than get frustrated if something I desire doesn’t come to pass, I trust that it is only to make space for something bigger.

For example, our Reiki Course at the Laguna de Apoyo was an incredible mix of women, both local to Nicaragua and long-term turistas, all visionaries offering something unique and brave to the world.

The trip was a healthy mix of work and play, which allowed us to serve people from all over the world with mini private yoga sessions, meditations and mantra offerings, chakra balancing, Reiki practice, and card readings.

And so the week turned out exactly as it was supposed to all along!  I’m overtaken by gratitude for this practice that allows me to learn again and again, each time deeper, how to fully step into the present moment and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me.

Thank you for being a part of the journey.

Labor of Love

In the US, we celebrate Labor Day today, which gets me thinking about how we define work and labor.

The five principles of Reiki contain a line that says “I will devote myself to my work.”

Just for today, I will not anger

Just for today, I will not worry

Just for today, I will be grateful for my blessings

Just for today, I will devote myself to my work

Just for today, I will be kind to others

Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism all teach of dharma, which can be loosely defined (without getting too dogmatic, as each religion alters the definition slightly) as following the cosmic order or fulfilling your life’s destiny.

I like to approach my work in this way, as a reminder that I am a spark of the divine acting as part of a larger plan that I cannot fully comprehend.

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Barriers to Practice

Creating any healthy new habit is not easy.  It’s heartening to me that Patanjali acknowledges this in the Yoga Sutras.  As he’s espousing the many benefits you’ll gain from your new yoga practice, he stops to mention the barriers you will encounter.

As with other truths discussed in the Yoga Sutras, these obstacles are as relevant for people today as they were for yogis committing to the practice thousands of years ago.

All nine obstacles are disruptions to the heart-mind field of consciousness (citta) and can be debilitating to a practice, because distracting thoughts and emotions (vrtti-s) arise when antarāya-s are present.  These nine obstacles are:







Sexual preoccupation

Erroneous views


~Nicolai Bachman, The Path of the Yoga Sutras

It’s great to know that these obstacles are out there, because, with planning, you can anticipate them and stop them from disrupting your practice.

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Be the Change

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the part I play in creating my world.  I’m not speaking here of my individual world – creating and taking responsibility for making a life that fulfills me and allows me to serve others.  Since being blessed with becoming a mother, my thoughts have turned to the part I play in my community.

I’ve also become vitally reminded of the importance of independently owned businesses. After returning from my travels where the majority of businesses are independently owned, it’s really come home that we need to be a little rabid in making sure that we frequent businesses we want around.  Otherwise, it’ll be all Walmarts, Targets, and Olive Garden, and that’s not the world I want to live in.

One aspect of traveling is that you’re always moving on.

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On Detachment and Conflict

It’s easy to maintain a sense of detachment when you’re only passing through.  It’s also simple to have perspective and true vision when looking at the trifles that capture people’s egos and lead to conflict

When you don’t call a place home or interact with people every day, it’s simple to see the overarching harmony that we all share and are capable of.  When I first arrived to California, I was able to observe moments of tension for what they are — a distraction from our shared One Human Spirit and an opportunity for each of us to learn.  That is the gift of being a traveller.  As a gypsy, I hadn’t alighted down.  The perspective provided from that height allowed me to see how small these stumbling blocks truly are and how easy to overcome.


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Hello, blog world.

I’ve been quiet of late.  Partly this is because I’ve been up on a mountain without a strong or reliable internet connection.  This time was nice.  It consisted of reconnecting with old friends and making new friends — many of whom felt as though they were old friends I’d only forgotten.  It also consisted of cold nights and bright moons, too many dog fights, and some amazing food made in outdoor kitchens.  I was enjoying the time so much that I called my little brother in Connecticut to see if he’d be able to come out and join me.  Not this year, but for sure next year — that was the plan.

Then, I came out of the forest and a girlfriend said she had a note on her facebook from one of my aunts that my family was trying to contact me.  Worry swelled — I wasn’t sure which family.  (I’m blessed to have many.)  On reconnecting online I learned the devastating news that my little brother had died.

The first day I met my little brother.  He was 6 and I was 18.
The first day I met my little brother. He was 6 & I was 18.

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Holiday Reflections

The world around us reflects the world within. We see what we expect to see, people reflect back to us our histories, habits, and ways of being. Alcoholics Anonymous has a saying, “water seeks its own level.” In life, we gravitate to people and situations vibrating at the same frequency as the energy within us.

When we gather together with family for the holidays, we are often faced with deeply ingrained habits and ways of being reflected back to us by our family members. Perhaps these habits are buried deep within our subconscious and we are unaware of them. Continue reading “Holiday Reflections”

Una Oportunidad para el Silencio

When we want to dive into a deeper, more meditative practice of yoga and listening to the mind, our modern lives require that we consciously create that space.  That might mean creating an area for meditation in your home – a room or corner dedicated to deep thought or introspection.  It might mean that you find a group of people meeting regularly at your local yoga studio, zen buddha center, or something similar, and show up for class.  Or, it might mean that you take a length of time to retreat, to an organized event like a 10 Vipassana Meditation Center, or simply to the wilderness.  In my life, I have always, always, always found a deep heart connection simply by surrounding myself with trees.  I have sweet memories from my childhood when I would trek off to the small woods behind my elementary school and spend hours taking in the loamy scent of decaying leaves and swampy mud and stare up at the tree tops and the sky beyond, feeling connected to all those trees growing tall over my head with roots intertwining under the earth beneath me.  One of my favorite hiding spots as a young girl was a tremendous pine tree with boughs that spread out wide but a quiet, clear space in the center.  I would soften enter that tree and stay under it’s cool, green protection for hours, and would seek it out specifically when I was upset about something.  I always found that quiet space with the scent of time cooling and calming.  That said, I find myself ready now to move on from Granada and towards the wilderness.  As I prepare to make this change, I”m also finding my practice move away from a strongly physical practice and more towards a yin yoga, Kundalini yoga, pranayama, and meditative practice.

Granada has been the perfect place to transition to life in Central America.  Being the wealthiest city in Nicaragua, it offers many niceties to extranjeros such as opportunities for western food, a lively and active Calzada where the cerveza flows and the conversation raps all night, and opportunities to escape the oppressive heat in cool blue pools.  Continue reading “Una Oportunidad para el Silencio”