A Prayer for One World

This has been a difficult month for many people throughout the world.

Whether your land has been buffeted by hurricanes like Houston, Dominica, Puerto Rico, or Key West, or shaken down by an earthquake like Mexico or Japan, we’ve all been affected in some way by the winds and earth that unite us all.

Yogis talk about the concept of Ishvara Pranidhana – the knowledge that there is a divine spark within each of us.  Events like these serve to remind us that we each walk upon the same earth and gaze up at the same sky.

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Grief and Loss

It certainly wasn’t my intention to write two posts about Grief back to back, but I am left reeling after hearing about the sudden death of a young girl in my church community.This news has me reflecting on the times I’ve been faced with the death of a friend or loved one, and it’s a hard truth.

We know that not one of us will get out of life alive, but we always assume we have more time with the people we love.

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