About Libby

A recent study by Yoga Journal determined that more than 80% of yoga teachers have been practicing for 6 years or less.  Libby has been practicing and sharing yoga and meditation for twenty years.

Growing up, Libby always felt like she didn’t quite belong.  It was through the practice of moving and breathing that Libby began to feel intrinsically connected to all life.  The simple process of returning again and again to her yoga mat to focus on breath and form allowed her to step away from the chatter of her mind and fully enter the present moment.  Whenever a crisis or difficult transition arose, Libby found solace and healing by diving deeper into the practice of yoga, meditation, and reiki.

Libby spent several years traveling and living outside of the US.  During that time, she found that yoga, reiki, and meditation transcended differences in language and culture and built bridges of connection to all she met.  Through her study of yogic philosophy and meditation, Libby harnessed the ancient wisdom of the yogic system to examine and discard the sheaths of identity we all must wear on our journey to our truth.

Libby has seen the powerful shifts and ripples of compassion that consistent practice offers and seeks to share that through her public and private instruction so that each of us may awaken to our limitless heart and potential.


As well as being a registered experienced Yoga Teacher, Libby holds a degree in Social Work and is a certified Shadow Facilitator and Reiki Master and teacher.

She has been lucky enough to study several types of yoga and meditation, and creates her own blend of teachings that will best serve the students who show up for class.  You might experience elements of Kundalini, Anusara, Viniyoga, or Vinyasa yoga.  Meditation techniques vary to include breath work, mantra work, intense focus, or guided meditations.

Reiki is shared through attunements and in teachings that guide practitioners on fully utilizing the technique in their lives and with clients.




Libby has held space and shared her teachings throughout the world.  Some locations include Yoga Yoga in Austin, TX; Pure Health and Fitness, CocoBerry Spa, and Hotel Spa Granada in Granada, Nicaragua; El Zopilote in Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua; Tierra de Sueños in Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica; Danyasa Eco Retreat in Dominical, Costa Rica; a language and movement class to children in Guinea, West Africa; and Treehouse Yoga Studio, You Fit Gym, Pose by Pose Yoga Studio, and the Jewish Community Centers in Tampa, FL.

Past Events

  1. Movement and Language – Teaching English Through Yoga – Guinea, West Africa
  2. Reiki Level One Training and Chakra Balancing Weekend – Dominical, Costa Rica
  3. Worldwide Meditation for Peace
  4. Yoga for Health and Wealth Granada, Nicaragua
  5. Yoga for Prosperity Workshop at Laguna de Apoyo Nicaragua