The Teacher Student Relationship

What is the difference between unrolling your mat among friends and stepping onto your mat when it’s just you and your teacher?  Traditionally, yoga was a cultivation of a relationship between one student and one teacher.  It was never taught in a class, but instead was doled out over time as the teacher judged that the student was physically and mentally prepared to go deeper.


My first private yoga experience happened spontaneously.  I was the only student who showed up for class with my favorite teacher.  She turned that into an opportunity to share partner yoga, which is a mix of unique poses done with two bodies instead of one.  What a cool experience!

The second time I worked privately was intentional.  I found that I wasn’t getting the push I needed in public yoga classes, and wanted to explore how I could best practice inverted yoga poses.  My teacher worked with me to create a custom sequence that addressed my specific mobility issues – very tight neck and shoulder muscles.  I walked away with a group of poses I could practice at home, which over time led to more flexibility and stability in my shoulder girdle.

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I was surprised the evening after my private lesson to feel as though I had received a massage!  I found the practice of working one-on-one to be nurturing, as my teacher constantly checked in with me and used her expert gaze to see things I was missing in my posture and alignment.

As a teacher, I often work with students who want to increase mobility and decrease stress.  Sometimes, my students want a routine that will target specific muscles and compliment the activities they do outside of yoga, such as my client who is an experienced martial arts practitioner.  Other clients prefer a custom practice to meet an ongoing issue, while still others prefer the one-on-one attention over moving in a group atmosphere.

Whatever your situation is, I believe that you can benefit from a personal experience.  That’s why I want to offer a Spring Special that drastically discounts the cost of a single private class.  In fact, this special offers the value of a free class when you commit to a 5 class package with me.

Together, we can create a sequence to meet your unique needs.  I draw on my twenty years experience and offer up the tools of reiki, meditation, and yoga to help you meet mobility goals, release the stress of your responsibilities, and step away from energy that doesn’t serve you.

Contact me to schedule your session today!  Virtual and In-Person Options are Available.