Reiki – After Your Attunement

I was attuned to Reiki Levels One and Two in 2013 at the Chakra and Reiki Retreat that I co-hosted with my best friend and collaborator, Paty Hernandez of Mariposa Holistic Healing in Costa Rica.

At the time, I experienced some profound changes as my soul began to integrate and heal past experiences that had been unconsciously influencing my present.

Then, life happened.  I went to California to work, my brother tragically passed away, I became a mom, I moved back to Florida, and began training to receive my certification as a Yoga Therapist.  Whew!

In the middle of all of that spinning and shifting, I became certified as an Usui Reiki master and began to re-connect with Reiki energy.

I remembered how powerful this energy can be not only for healing physical woes, but also for helping to release the grip of past events and fully step into the present.

The idea: Let’s create a way for other people who might have retreated from their Reiki practice to return – an Advanced Reiki Refresher Course

That drawing away and coming back is the classic plot of any Rom-Com you might watch with your girlfriends as you munch popcorn and kick back.  It’s a common plot because it’s something that most of us do! 

Even when we find something (or somebody!) that’s right for us, we don’t fully integrate it into our lives.  We often need to back off, get called away to deal with other duties or issues or crises, and then may forget what captivated us in the first place.

What made us commit to getting that first reiki attunement?

Probably, you had one or several Reiki sessions.  You experienced first-hand the profound benefits of softening and letting the energy flow through you, and you wanted to be able to share that with the people in your life!

Our idea then is to create a way for you to return to that energy.  When you can plug in, you have energy to fill up and share with others in your life.

Then, you start to notice the abundant ways you can use Reiki in your life.  Activate your vision boards, bless your food, send reiki energy to people affected by the tragedies we see on the evening news, or send it specifically to a loved one you know is dealing with a life crisis or illness.

We know that everyone is busy, so we created a 21 Day Course that will offer bite size wisdom in the form of videos, meditations, yoga, and explorations that all take about 10 minutes a day.

We also know that we’re stronger together, so part of the course will be a private Facebook group that will connect you to other light workers and healers throughout the world that can act as a resource and an inspiration.  Together, we lift each other up.

One way to re-connect with Reiki spirit is to receive multiple attunements.  As a Reiki Master, you always have the power to attune yourself, but it’s great to sit back and experience that attunement through the hands and energy of another.

As a reward for signing up early, we’re offering free attunements to the first 10 people who sign up for the course.

I hope you’ll consider joining Paty and I as we continue our journey connecting to Reiki energy and building a strong community of healers and lightworkers.

Click here to renew your connection to Spirit and jolt yourself forward towards your goals in our Advanced Reiki Refresher Course.