Be the Change

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the part I play in creating my world.  I’m not speaking here of my individual world – creating and taking responsibility for making a life that fulfills me and allows me to serve others.  Since being blessed with becoming a mother, my thoughts have turned to the part I play in my community.

I’ve also become vitally reminded of the importance of independently owned businesses. After returning from my travels where the majority of businesses are independently owned, it’s really come home that we need to be a little rabid in making sure that we frequent businesses we want around.  Otherwise, it’ll be all Walmarts, Targets, and Olive Garden, and that’s not the world I want to live in.

One aspect of traveling is that you’re always moving on.

Sure, I made an impact in the places I visited by organizing events and making genuine human connections, but I wasn’t making as much of an impact as happens when a person sets down roots.  I got to reap the benefits of the local structures already in place.  Now I’m in a position to help create those structures and safe places for other people to plug in, to learn, and to grow.

So a huge part of shaping my world means infusing cash money into what I value.  I’m grateful to have businesses I can access like community accupuncture, a slew of massage therapists, reiki practitioners, and an amazing community of yoga teachers.   I’m grateful to go out and get real food thoughtfully sourced and creatively prepared, and I’m so grateful for all my crafty friends sharing their gifts and creating!

This has been so rewarding!  As I give I also receive.  Not only do I get the experience of a cool event, but I’m making more connections, truly plugging in, and creating kula.  That’s the kind of thing that reverberates beyond just the people present. When a person gets inspired, they glow, and then they take that glow and just walk around with it, glowing everybody who crosses their path.

As an example –  I just had my very first private yoga session ever!  Why? Because I offer private yoga sessions and I want to support others who do too.  I also want my practice to progress beyond what I get in group environments and my personal practice, and I’m really excited to work more with my teacher.

And do you know – it was mindblowing!  Having somebody assess my body in poses that I thought I knew so well shifted my practice a year’s worth of work into the future.  I’m already moving in more alignment on and off the mat and my practice has deepened just after an hour.

I’m looking forward to continuing this work, as I keep my glow shining and shifting this community I’m so blessed to reside in.