Stepping Out of Your Own Way

I’ve recently joined the gluten free world, and it’s given me some revelations.  Don’t worry, I’m not here to convince you to give up gluten.  I don’t believe there is one diet plan that fits all the bodies out there, so I will leave the experimenting, or not experimenting, for you all to decide.

What I’ve noticed as I’ve given up gluten is a dramatic change in the inflammation I was carrying in my body.  As swollen glands, sinuses, and muscles shrank back to normal size, I noticed a marked increase in the energy that was suddenly able to flow freely throughout my body.  All that gripping meant that I wasn’t truly able to come into alignment!

It made me sit up and pay attention to other areas of my life where I’d been creating unnecessary roadblocks for myself.

Song of Freedom by Samantha Meglioli
Song of Freedom by Samantha Meglioli

1.  Abundance

Working with the Subagh Kriya for prosperity and abundance helped me begin to identify and change limiting beliefs I’d been carrying around regarding my relationship to money.   Beliefs that didn’t serve me such as

a.  Money corrupts and I don’t want to be corrupted

b.  Money must be horded because there is only a limited supply.

c.  There is not enough money for everybody.

As I began to recognize and release these harmful thought patterns, I stepped into the flow of abundant energy.  Part of stepping into that flow was recognizing the prosperity that already surrounded me.  Prosperity doesn’t always take the form of cash money – that’s only one of many facets on this diamond.  Prosperity can mean that you have the gift of time to devote to your own pursuits, it can mean that you are blessed with conscious and positive people in your life, or even just the simple awareness that you have access to clean pure food and water.

2.  Creativity

Gosh, creativity is a slippery bug.  It’s hard to define but easy to note when it’s not in your life.  I’d somehow slipped into a well of routine and experienced the white blank slate of mind often when I sat down to create.  I realized two things about my relationship to the creative:

a.  I was trying to hard.

b.  I wasn’t trying enough.

Ha – counterintuitive?  Notsomuch.  I was trying to hard to offer up a brand of the creative that echoed my own inspirations.  In this way, I was regurgitating what inspired me and offering that up as something new.  I wasn’t trying enough to find my own voice.  In this way, I found that setting time aside regulalry to practice tuning in with the creative opened the floodgates for more of the creative energy to come through.  Simply the act of sitting down to write, or coming cross-legged to the floor to color, was enough to remove the blocks and allow the creative energy to come through.

3.  The practice

It always, always, always centers back to my yoga practice.  When I’m regularly committing to meet myself on the mat, I’m able to confront these physical and mental blocks to energy and alignment in my own time.

What I’ve discovered is that we each awaken in our own speed.  There’s no rushing the process.

“If summer resisted fall, it wouldn’t really be summer or fall.
Better to celebrate the season you’re in… especially those of your wonderful life.”

Ultimately, it’s your life.  As Guatama Buddha said,

“The thought manifests as the word;
The word manifests as the deed;
The deed develops into habit;
And habit hardens into character.”

There ain’t no dress rehearsal.  You’re living it.  So stop waiting for the stars to align and to find perfection.  The absolute beauty in all this is the grace that we’re able to bring to each moment.

Bowing to the divine within you, me, and the whole beautiful world around us.  Namaste!

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