Find Your Path

When you align yourself with intention, the universe begins to open for you.  That’s not to say that suddenly your days become easier, the dishes do themselves, and responsibility fades away.  However, when you begin to take action towards a goal – no matter how small the action — the goal gets closer to you.

“When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.”

~Yogi Bhajan

Sometimes it’s difficult to take action because you don’t have a clear idea of what the goal is.  In those instances, quiet yourself.

Breath of Life by Dizzyflower28
Breath of Life by Dizzyflower28

Dive into a practice of yoga, slip onto a cushion and close your eyes to the outside world as you follow your breath.  Or step one bare foot in front of bare foot down a path in the forest, or at the beach, or beside the river, and feel the connection between skin and earth as you walk.  Maybe you find your inner peace surrounded by sound.  However you do it, remove yourself from the drama that is your every day story and connect with your pulsing peaceful soul.

Goddess Squat a Playa Dominical

Feel your heartbeat and breathe deeply – there it is.

Now do it again.  In the Western world, we’ve been trained to expect instant results.  Google search gives us instant answers, Western medicine gives instant relief from pain, and microwave meals give us instant food.  But sometimes, we need to just keep coming back, keep repeating, to really nourish ourselves.  Find your connection to self today, and then tomorrow, and then the day after, until one day you look up and realize that you’ve been centering and connecting for more than a month.

And then ask yourself –

                           What has changed?

                                     Am I more quiet when surrounded by chaos?

            Do I have a clearer vision?

And you will.  As you’re able to redirect your awareness away from the constant hum of technology, of talking heads, of your monkey-monkey mind, you’re able to recalibrate your intention and find a deeper understanding.  You can lift up the veil of the world of duality and peek beneath.

What you’ll find will be breathtaking in it’s simplicity.  You’ll remember why you’re here – to learn and grow and connect and love.  You’ll remember to lighten up and to not take everything so seriously.  At the end of the road, you won’t be worried about whether or not you paid the phone bill on time or if you made the bed first thing in the morning.  Rather, you’ll be focused on the love you gave, the people you helped, and the smiles you helped forge.

So sit, breath, connect, and inhale the shri, the beauty and joy all around you.

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