Manipura Chakra – Sit In Your Power

The third chakra is a ball of vibrating fire that sits behind the navel.  The Manimpura chakra vibrates to the color yellow and is tied up with issues of personal identity, ego, self-esteem, and will power.  Because of it’s location at the solar plexus, this chakra is relates to digestive issues and how we are able to nourish ourselves physically and psychically.


A person with a healthy third chakra radiates confidence, has a resonant voice, good posture, and can make ideas happen.  Also called the “lustrous jewel,” this chakra gives you the confidence to put yourself out there, showing your authentic self in a risk to achieve your dreams and make them a reality.

An over active third chakra shows up as an arrogant and power hungry person who strong-arms others to get his way.  This person is often angry and will snap at the slightest provocation.  Western culture encourages an over-abundance of energy here, with its’ focus on constant movement and competition.  If you feel that your third chakra might be overabundant, practice softening by practicing yoga nidra or restorative yoga.   Learning to relax in a meditation, whether guided or not, will help you practice softening your sharp temper and learn to go with the flow.  Read more about signs of an excessive third chakra and it’s connection to the kleshas.

 A third chakra out of balance could mean a person is weak willed, wishy-washy, or just not sure of what he or she wants. If your third chakra is blocked, then you can bring more energy with a strong, heating yoga practice like ashtanga or vinyasa.  You can also incorporate Breath of Fire, the “skull shining breath.”  To practice this breath, use your abdominals to pump the air in and out of your nose at a rapid pace.  If you place your hand on your belly, you should feel your abs crunching in with each sharp exhale.  You can practice this pranayam seated or incorporate it into your favorite third-chakra stimulating yoga position, like phalakasana, or plank pose.  Do not practice breath of fire if you are or may be pregnant or if you have an over-active third chakra.
Skull Shining Breath from Yoga Journal
Skull Shining Breath from Yoga Journal


Practice connecting with the fiery sun energy of the third chakra by chanting the seed mantra RAM and envisioning a fire in your belly.

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