Svadhisthana Chakra – Movement in Creativity

The second chakra, Svadhisthana, is located between the pubis and the belly button.  Also known as the Sacral Chakra, the sanskrit name can be translated as “one’s own abode.”  This chakra governs sexuality, creativity and our relationship with others.  The second chakra is associated with the color naranja, or orange.

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Your second chakra might be out of balance if you are drawing too much from sexuality in your interactions with others, if you have UTI, hormonal issues, or painful periods.  Adrenal glands, kidney, bladder, low back, and hips are all related to the second chakra.  Indications of a weak second chakra are a lack of creativity, a disinterest in making new friends or connecting with people on an emotional level.

When your second chakra is in balance, you feel comfortable looking others in the eye and relating authentically with people.  You are able to see the beauty of the world around you and find inspiration everywhere.

You can find balance in this chakra by making space to express your creativity, such as creating a time for journaling, drawing, or dancing.  Our society offers us many mixed messages about sexuality, and if we allow these messages to sit in our body, they can negatively affect the second chakra.  To help release this energy, practice accepting yourself as a sexual being without judgment and let go of any beliefs associated with past sexual encounters.

Close your eyes and meditate on a sacred spiral.  Send this spiral energy to your sacral center.  With each breath, allow the spiral the penetrate deep into your center, spinning the energy of the world around you within your chakra.  Allow the spiral to pulse with the color orange and chant the bij mantra VAM.

Reflections of Cosmology by Sarah Bebhinn
Reflections of Cosmology by Sarah Bebhinn

Bhujangasana, or serpent pose, is helpful for balancing the second chakra and especially for helping deal with any kidney issues.  To access this posture, lie face down on your yoga mat and bring your hands next to your ribs.  Keep your brow point or chin connected to the earth, and roll your shoulders away from your ears.  Before you rise, isometrically draw your hands back towards your pelvis.  From this position, come into a small backbend by using your back muscles to lift your head and heart away from the earth.  Continue to use your hands to press your heart forward rather than to lift your body away from the earth.  Relax onto your belly for a few breaths, then repeat the pose three times, each time with a longer hold.

Photo from beginning yoga info

Photo from beginning yoga info 

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