The Birds y los Sapos

I’ve been enchanted with the soundtrack of Central America ever since my first morning when I awakened in Nicaragua to the sounds of street vendors singing the names of fruits they carried in the large baskets balanced on their heads.  I managed to capture a little piece of this soundtrack for you all one ear;y morning when I recorded the howler monkeys waking up the jungle.  After teaching a yoga class last night to a soundtrack of rain pounding on a tin roof punctuated by sapos – toads, and frogs and crickets chirping into the night, I was inspired to make the following to share with you all.

Jungle Night Noises

Whoever called the Tiger Pistol Shrimp the loudest animal on earth apparently never took into account the cacophony these guys can make when they get together.  Although, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that these cicadas are out there contributing their song.  I relish being surrounded by this abundance of life when I sit down to practice and harmonize my OM Shanti Shanti with the many other life forms with whom I share this space.

Bird Song por la Tarde

Waiting in Line
Waiting in Line

When some sweet bananas ripened the other day, I made sure to put some out to share with the birds.  (They gently reminded me to share by flying in and taking little nibbles of the bunch I had hanging on the back porch.  All the little songbirds came to visit and feast on the bananas — as though I were running a little cafeteria for pájaros!


After two days of heavy, pounding rain, I think we’re all ready to stretch our wings and enjoy the sunshine.  The evening rain has already begun, though, so it might be a bit of time more before the sun peaks his friendly head out from behind the gray clouds.


This little guy came to visit once the sun set, clinging silently to the tree, he almost went unnoticed.  I’m glad he stayed put long enough for me to grab the camera.  I found another frog recently sitting on top of the “coffee sock,” the long filter that you can fill with coffee grinds and hot water to make a cup or a pot of coffee.  As I chatted with my friend and tossed the coffee grinds into the sock, I noticed there was a strange shaped lump of grinds sitting on the edge of the filter.  On closer inspection, I realized it was a rainita, or little frog.  Pobrecito!  I held my hand close enough for him to hop on and took him over to the sink for a quick rinse of the cafe.  He hopped away before the shower was complete – perhaps high on caffeine for the rest of the day!

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