A-Z Yoga Class

Another rainy day in Costa Rica.

Buckets pour from the sky, leak from the eaves and windows.

Cars dip heavily into muddy puddles in the street.

Dogs huddle close when the thunder strikes.

Each drop offers new life, fresh prana, lush green plants.

From sea to mountains, the clouds lower heavy.

Group yoga classes made magical by rain drops on a tin roof.

Hugging muscle to bone as the frogs chorus outside.

Inner fous strengthens when the sound of the street seems so far away.

Joy expands with each stretching muscle.

Kissing fingertips as hands draw in to Anjali Mudru.

Loving compassion radiates inward and out,

Mudra and mantra combine keeping meditative minds focused.

Nothing by chance, each moment has depth.

Overhead, arms reach – stretching through fingernails emulating the mountains.

Perfection is remembered to be messy, and appreciated in its’ fullness.

Quiet inner reflection enhanced by chanting Om Namah Shivaya, Shivaya Namah Om.

Resting knees on arms as toes hover above the earth, inner and outer eyes focused on a steady dristhi point.

Tucking tailbone under just enough to lift up on low belly, lengthen the front body, and float the heart as the shoulder

blades soften back and down, opening to grace in each in breath.

Under the sky and over the earth, we each have one space to occupy that unites the sacred with the profane.

Vinyasa transitions consciously remind us to remain present and connected.

Wounds that cut deep help us access our true shining spirits.

Xoxox – shining love deep within the shadows.

Your one human spirit pulses ever brighter.

Zen meets tao meets tantra meets self.

Om Shanti


One thought on “A-Z Yoga Class

  1. Hey, where are you traveling through in Costa Rica?
    I’m teaching free classes as part of a bigger health project, and I’m traveling through for the next few weeks before heading to Nicaragua.
    Let me know if that’s of interest, beautiful post 🙂

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