Reiki Level One Training and Chakra Balancing Retreat

I am so excited to announce the first of many collaborations with my dear friend, Paty.  After much plotting and planning, we are offering a Reiki Level One Training and Chakra Balancing Weekend in beautiful Dominical, Costa Rica.


The weekend will be jam packed full of yoga, meditation, beautiful beach walks, yummy food, and good community.  Best of all, you’ll learn to get in touch with the natural, intuitive healer that you have within you.  Space is very limited, which will make for an intimate atmosphere as we learn and practice reiki on each other, learn about how to identify and heal chakra imbalances, and stretch, hum, and mantra-ize our way through a beautiful, tropical weekend.  Expect to find elements of vinyasa flow, kundalini, shadow work, chakra work, and your intuitive healing voice in this training.  Wahe Guru!

bamboo studio

I hope you can join us!  Click here to learn more details about the workshop, about Paty and myself, and the incredible deal we got for this weekend.