I have been a whirlwind of activity lately as I pour myself into writing projects, planning special yoga series and a teacher training, and biking or hitchhiking to and from Puerto Viejo to connect with life in town.  These things add some extra sweetness to my days:

1.  Conversations with Connie.  Connie rents a room in the place I call home, but was working out of town for much of my time here.  I am lucky that she’s at home more often these days.  Connie is a writer as well as an ESL teacher, and has been living in Costa Rica since 2009.  We share lovely conversations over coffee, or bumping into each other in the street, and she always has a warm perspective to share.  You can read her musings at her blog.

2.  Yoga  with Bobby.  Bobby is a friend of mine from Austin, TX who I serendipitously bumped into here in the tiny town of Playa Chiquita.  Familiar faces are always a pleasant surprise, and it’s been a gift to be experiencing the beautiful energy of Puerto Viejo with a yogi friend close by.  Bobby teaches Kundalini and Meditation classes out of his home, Casa Tao, which is just off the main road in Playa Chiquita.  It was a gift to practice this morning with the group that gathered.  The air was cool after a heavy rain last night, and monkeys opened and closed our practice – softly chattering as we sat down to center ourselves, and loudly cheering to waken us from our Savasanas.  After class, we sat and discussed the mediation and life’s lessons over delicious coffee and homemade chocolate.  Classes are at 6:30 am every day except Sunday – stop by if you’re in town!

3.  Nut Mix from Coffee and Nuts  Located next to the Diamante Grocery store on the main strip, this little coffee stand has an amazing offering of nuts, dried fruits, and nut mixes that combine a little bit of everything.  This has become a regular stop for me when I’m in and around town.  At 500 colones a serving (about one dollar), it’s not going to break the bank.

4.  Bliss balls from Pirata Cafe Bliss balls aren’t hard to find here in a town that celebrates chocolate by holding regular cacao ceremonies.  The Pirata Cafe offers up a yummy combination of raw cacao, coconut, and a mix of whatever else is on hand – from organic cashews to fresh ground cardomom.  The owner of Pirata is a trained Ayurvedic doctor, so the food combinations often have an ayurvedic twist.

5.  Gluten Free Cookies at Botanica Organica  This restaurant re-opened under new ownership during my first month in town, and it’s been a joy to get to know Nathan and Shelby.  Both bring an effusive and authentic energy to all their interactions, and they provide a healthy offering of breakfast, lunch, coffee, and desserts.  I stop in regularly for Shelby’s homemade gluten free cookies and the Caribbean version of nutella – packed with raw cacao, raw honey, Himalayan sea salt, and raw organic cashews.   More than the food, though, the people at Botanica Organica keep me coming back.  I never fail to get inspired by a conversation or interaction here.

6.  Surprises  I find myself transitioning to a new opportunity, and that is so exciting.  While I transition, I have the gift of some extra time to explore this amazing place and experience the amazing community.  I wrote earlier about work I’ve been doing with shadows.  I am blessed to have an opportunity to travel to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and spend the whole weekend working with a talented teacher and group in a Shadow Facilitation Workshop.

I’ve been having a lot of discussions lately about how we work to create our own reality, and how the universe conspires to support us when we make a commitment.  I feel incredibly lucky that the opportunity to participate in this workshop should arise just when I have identified the need to dig deeper into this work.  I believe that in tackling my own shadows, I will be in a stronger and more stable place to assist others in their journeys.


Aside from discussion groups, the weekend will be a silent retreat.  It has been my desire for some time now to explore that practice, and I am eager, if a bit nervous, about that.  I write today from a sense of confidence that my path is unfolding exactly as it should, and that each need is being met in its’ own time.  I’m grateful that I can remember to be grateful.  It doesn’t take much in this life to calm a troubled heart, but it is important that we remember to take the time to feel blessed.

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