I’ve always been one to take my health into my own hands.  When I’m sick, I’m much more likely to turn to Google and WebMD than to head out to see a doctor.  I also try to listen to my body and give it what it needs.  If my body craves a certain food, it’s better to give my body that food than to resist.  That means a bit more sugar intake than might be healthiest, but it also means that I try to tune in to my needs and feed my body accordingly.  That’s why, eight months ago, I began eating land animals after 12 years of abstaining.

That decision came after months of feeling fatigued and low energy, and ultimately, I learned, iron deficient.  In Nicaragua, the cows wander freely and it’s not common practice to treat an animal with antibiotics, let alone bovine growth hormone!  Add to that fact that the cows eat all the grass they like, and I felt comfortable making the ethical decision to nourish myself with carne.  Here in Puerto Viejo, I’m lucky to be living up the street from the only organic chicken farm in the country.  That, combined with the abundance of fresh seafood and good Caribbean cooking should mean that I’m well fed and happy.

Sadly, that hasn’t been the case.  I’ve had a persistent belly ache that’s come and gone since my arrival.  I finally got to the point where every time I ate, I would experience severe stomach cramps.  I no longer knew how to nourish myself.  Like Pavlov’s dog, the pain associated with eating meant that I no longer wanted to eat anything – I couldn’t trust my body’s cravings.  Luckily, there are so many healers here in Puerto Viejo!  I made an appointment for a Full Body Digital Scan with Dr. Greg to learn not only what ailed me phsyically, but what else was happening energetically with my body.

The scan was amazing.  In two short hours, I had information on the vitamins, minerals, and hormones that my body is lacking right now.  I also had an answer on the belly aches (persistent parasites), and information that my lungs and heart were clogged up due to my years spent smoking cigarettes.  On top of all that, the doctor filled me in on what was happening with my emotional body and how it all connected.

I initially felt a little bummed.  After all, my only presenting symptom was a belly ache, but after learning about all the deficiencies and — ee, gad! the result of smoking that I gave up some years ago — I felt empowered to make change.  The doctor presented loads of different cures, from taking various vitamin and seaweed/algae supplements, which raw vegetables to incorporate into my diet, flower remedies, and what to take to kill those parasites once and for all.  (A bitter concoction of black walnut and wormwood powder.)

In order to jump start my inner natural healer, the doctor recommended I do a five day pipa fast, or drinking only young coconut water.  This water is fresh and parasite free and filled with nutrients to support an energized fast.  He also recommended I spend time in the Infrared Sauna, which works to draw out toxins deeply embedded in the body and helps increase blood circulation.  All of this will give my body the tools it needs to naturally rid itself of the environmental toxins that have built up over a lifetime.

Image courtesy of The Guardian
Image courtesy of The Guardian

It’s funny to say, but I’m surprised that my body is feeling the effects of smoking now.  I quit smoking cold turkey more than five years ago, and the literature I read led me to believe that my body would quickly heal from the degenerative effects of smoking.  I’m beyond happy that the doctor was able to find the damage now, before it’s given the chance to progress to something more severe like lung cancer.

I feel blessed to be in a place to not only receive this healing, but also to facilitate others’ healing journey.  The doctor has worked with patients with numerous degenerative illnesses, and has pulled people back from cancer with his techniques. It’s amazing to sit and talk to him about all the toxins our bodies encounter every day, and then to learn about the simple steps we can take both to protect our health and to heal from damage that’s already been done.

I’m eager to embark on this next path of healing, and a tad nervous about how I’ll cope without eating solid food for 5 days.  Luckily, the pipa water is delicious – I’m sure I’ll be feeling my old self in no time!

5 thoughts on “Salud

  1. glad for you that you kicked those pesky cigs cold turkey! I did the same back in 2007 and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! enjoy la agua de coco! Que deliciosa! 🙂

  2. Your comments have me reflecting back on some realizations and things I had to do while doing health, nutrition and food security research for a conservation-development project in Madagascar over two decades ago. While I stayed away from most pre-fab food prior to that era of my life, I went off sugar about then, and the results to metabolism, mood, weight are noticeable. Think also that despite whatever Ghandi or environmental philosophers might say nowdays, 99% of human history was that of omnivorous hunter-gatherers…so the message again, stay away from pre-fab food…and stick to the vegetation and yes, lean animal protein, but maybe not tons of it…the beans, nuts, etc. are protein too. But given the sanitation issues I saw, and the fact that I got Giardia or Ascaris when subject to other people’s cooking, and not when I controlled the cleanliness during my own cooking…pay attention to sanitation. Boil drinking and dish washing water. Wash raw food that isn’t peeled or cooked in such clean water before eating (I’ve seen some public health people wash raw food in bleach water, but maybe that’s extreme, given purists probably would not be inclined to this). Maybe the tinctures you were given will work, as some natural stuff does, some doesn’t, and lots of local variations will substitute for the electrolyte/water idea of Oral Rehydration Therapy (your coconut…but in the Indian Ocean area it’s stuff like rice water, rice and yogurt…). I read up on the pharmacy suggestions in “Where There Is No Doctor” ( that circulates among expats…and got on down to the pharmacy for some Flagyl and Vermox for the above-mentioned parasites, which was at least much cheaper at non-US prices. Keep up on the clean lifestyle with myriad benefits.

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