One of the beautiful things about living at this moment is the pulsing energy that radiates out.  I felt it from the moment I breathed in the air here.  As a friend of mine said today, “things grow big in the jungle.”


Not only plants and flowers blossom here, but conciousness, ideas and creativity are flowing into the body with the abundant supply of prana.

“Breath is the pulse of the Universe” – Yogi Bhajan

It’s inspiring to breathe the air, and even more inspiring to sit down and have a conversation.  The pace of life here is one that accomodates meandering talks that weave their way from topic to topic, heartsong to heartsong.  It reminds me that we are each on the search for a truth that speaks to our own hearts.  No matter the road I find my own feet on, I am reminded that each of our truths may resonate to a different timbre.

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The beauitful thing aobut being in this place at this moment is that the people I’ve encountered so far have minds wide open.  Each is full of excitement and authenticity about their path, but then pauses long enough to listen to another describing their inspiration.  The result is a community that supports each other, teaches each other, and grows stronger and more vibrant for it.

Whether the teacher be a traveller passing through for a week or a month, a medicine man who’s been living in the jungle his whole life, or an expat who now calls Costa Rica home, the result is that knowledge and creativity grow fat like grapes on a vine, waiting to be picked by any who pass on by.  One persons inspiration and authenticity fills another person up.  When I express who I am without fear, that gives you permission to be your own wild and crazy self.

I’ve always been a firm believer that we call to us exactly what we need in any given moment.  Whether holding the space of student or teacher, I’ve always found that I arrive where I need to in time for what I  need to learn.  As a new resident of Austin some years ago, I often sat in amazment listening to my yoga teacher read passages from books that I’d put down to run to class, or rhapsodize on a topic that I’d been wrestling with all week long.  As a teacher, when I make an offering that feels a little clumsy or raw because it’s so close to my own wounds, I’m always rewarded by students thanking me for sharing my journey.  In this way we act as mirrors for each other.  In this way we lift each other up.

Today, I’m feeling a lot of gratitude for this community of humanity I find myself in.  There are times when sitting in the company of one’s self feels right, and there are times when one can fill up by interacting with this big beautiful world.  The next time you find yourself rushing through a conversation, I encourage you to perhaps pause a moment to savor the interactiong you’re in.  Sure, you might be a bit late for your next appointment, but how much may you have gained for your time.

Sat Nam, truth is my name.  We are each mirrors helping each other recognize this eternal truth.

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