The Negative Mind

One of the gifts of this world is that every person we encounter is a reflection. We are each a mirror for all the beauty and chaos encompassed deep within our hearts.  We are each shining examples of our one flawed, shared humanity.  When we notice a particular attitude exhibited in the people around us and it triggers a reaction in our own hearts, that is information telling us that we are holding a similar fear or emotion within that needs our attention.

Number Two 1968 Erté (Romain de Tirtoff) 1892-1990 Presented by Curwen Studio through the Institute of Contemporary Prints 1975
The Negative Mind is represented by the number 2 in Kundalini Numerology

Kundalini Numerology provides some insight into the inner workings of our minds and souls and how we naturally relate to the world around us.  Utilizing the information provided from our birthdate, Kundalini Numerology helps us understand our strengths and weaknesses and can then point us towards meditations, mantras, and kriyas to help us develop our strengths and strengthen our weaknesses.

I hestitate using the words strength and weakness to describe qualities which are so mutable.  I’ve found in my own life that these characteristics merge and slip easily from category to category – bolstering me up in some aspects of my life and weighing me down in others.

According to the numerology of kundalini, my gift in this lifetime is Fearlessness.  This is healthily balanced with a path number located firmly within the Negative Mind.  The Negative Mind is healthy because it protects us by showing us the limits in any situation – what can go wrong and how?  When out of balance, the Negative Mind blocks us from seeing the potential in a situation.  When balanced with an equally strong positive mind, the negative mind can give us a clear picture of opportunities and help guide us on a right path.

When out of balance, the Negative Mind can overwhelm and blind us to the postives right in front of us.  We might be surrounded by everything we need, but if the Negative Mind has overpowered the postive, we will be unable to recognize or take action in a direction that will be good for us.  Symptoms of the Negative Mind being out of balance include complaining, failure to feel gratitude, and difficulty enjoying the pleasures of life.  Physical symptoms coordinate to those when the 2nd chakra is out of balance and can consist of kidney or urinary tract infections, sexual disfunction, or menstrual problems.

The Negative Mind is activated by people or situations which we feel harm us.  If our hearts or egos are deeply hurt, the sentinal that is the Negative Mind rises up and guards us from any other pain penetrating within.  The problem is that in it’s zeal to guard our tender hearts, the Negative Mind parries and blocks everything from entering our inner sanctum.

I’ve been noticing lots of negativity in the people around me for the past month or so, which served as a reminder to me that my Negative Mind was in overdrive.  As a result of the perceived hurt my heart felt due to the end of a relationship, my Negative Mind had taken over!  I was only able to feel a small sense of gratitude for the innumerable acts of kindness I’ve been lucky enough to receive.  While my physical body was present, my mind was torturing itself running in circles with the mantra “poor me.”

I began working with kriyas to release anger and attachment to past karma, as well as meditations and mantras specifically designed to balance the negative mind.  There are many of these excercises to choose from – here is one which you might enjoy practicing.  Combine your kriya practice with drinking cucumber or cranberry juice to help soothe your second chakra as well as exercises that allow you to play with your creativity – painting, writing, dancing, or yoga.

The beauty of this world is that we are always dancing.  Not one of us is ever completely in balance.  Through careful observation of ourselves and our world, we are able to identify what energies need our attention and then pour our focus there – through our practice of asana and meditation, or our choice of literature and movies, or through dietary and lifestyle changes.  There are a myriad of options, and as we balance once energy, another naturally falls out of balance and demands our attention.  The joy is the in the practice and the constant refinement of our reactions to each other and to our ever changing world.

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