Family Living

I’ve recently moved in with a new family, a special way to spend my final month in Nicaragua. I’m enjoying getting to know the generations of family who share the home. The strength of familial relationships is, for me, one of the most appealing things about Latin culture. In my new home reside: grandma and grandpa, two sons – one of whom also lives with his pregnant wife and three children, and one daughter with her husband and young daughter. Visiting daily are other members of the family who live on the same street or close by. El abuelo, the grandpa, is an accomplished poet who shared some of his writing with me this morning.

The whole family is sweet and engaging, helping me stretch my Spanish vocabulary amd sharing their daily activities with me. I practiced yoga today with the three younger girls among many giggles.

The one thing I didn’t anticipate about living with a family was that people would worry about me. I’m a pretty independent liver, and I’m not used to telling others my plan or schedule. When I went out the other night and returned after 11 pm, I received a soft knock on the door to let me know the poet was worried. It’s sweet to be worried over and fed each time I walk in the door.

My alone time is now spent with observers : the chavallos, or teenagers, will sit and watch me as I read or the 8 year old girl will sneak into my room to sit next to me as I balance in headstand. I’m really soaking up each minute. I’m feeling nostalgic for Nicaragua even though I haven’t left. I’ve fallen hard for this country, but the road of life is taking me onward.