El Esclavo, The Slave

I did a card reading the other night to gain some clarity on issues of Abundance.  I’ve been working hard with prosperity meditations for a few months now, both to increase the flow of that energy in my own life and to prepare for an upcoming workshop I have on the topic here in Nicaragua.

I’ve seen a real increase in the energy of abundance, prosperity, and creativity since I committed to actively working the combination of  kriyas, meditations, and asana practice I’ve designed.  I’ve also experienced an increase in feelings of gratitude as well as an ability to recognize the energy of abundance when it does enter my life.  So often, I feel that this “plenty,” which really is a divine right for all, enters so stealthily into our lives that it’s very easy to take for granted unless you are practicing stillness, awareness, and gratitude.  Thus, I’ve been very thankful for the many ways I’ve received support, or apoyo, through Spirit and the Universe, through friends, family, and work opportunities.

Part of this process has been surrender.  I realized early  in my practice that my soul doesn’t do well with being forced into life changes.  My mind may create all kinds of ideas for improving a life situation by imposing this or that routine, but too much in too short of time is enough to cause my inner spirit to rebel and say No!  Instead of waking up at 6 am everyday to practice and meditate, the inner rebel refuses to get out of bed until 9 or 10, and then has no time left for a practice.

I’ve found that it’s much better to approach myself with a gentle hand, and to meet myself exactly where I am.  In creating a more gentle practice with less rigidity and forcefulness, real  change naturally evolves.  By gradually waking up a little earlier each day for a small asana and meditation practice, my body naturally began to wake earlier and earlier and to crave a more complex and longer practice of both Hatha yoga and meditation.  As I made a small space for stillness, that peace radiated outward and began to transform.

I’ve also surrendered my own will to the Divine to trust in finding my dharma on this path I walk.  The act of leaving my somewhat predictable life in Texas and moving to Central America was an act of surrender and one of trust.  My continued presence here searching for ways to serve is an act of surrender and trust.  With that in mind, it really was no surprise that the Slave archetype appeared as my card to mark the present moment.

from Caroline Myss' archetype cards

To me, this archetype represents a softening and allowing Spirit to come through.  If I hold myself rigid in my practice, there is no space for the breath and the prana to flow.  If I hold myself rigid in life, planning each step and exerting a force on the world to bend to my will, then the natural flow of Spirit is blocked.  Instead, I’ve surrendered my body and breath to the eternal present moment, and vow to walk the path that dharma set for me.

I can just hear my younger self rebelling against this archetype!  Part of our journey in letting go of the ego first involves a strengthening of the ego.  First, we must “find ourselves,” then open our hands and release the identity we’ve discovered to allow for an even deeper knowing of the timeless self within.

I choose to embrace the light aspects of this archetype.  I surrender the limited plans I can envision to the depthless path which is my dharma.  How often in life do you pause and revel in the moment of what your life has become?  Is this something that you imagined or planned out for yourself?  In releasing the plans and surrendering to divine will, we are each on a fast track to meet the person we are meant to be and to accomplish that which only we can accomplish.

In The Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna states

“Better one’s own dharma imperfectly performed, than the dharma of another done well…the dharma of another is fraught with danger.”

In that imperfection lies the possibility for perfection.  In each mistake lies an opportunity to wake, and each moment points us further along our path.

Om Shanti Om.

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