Un Dulce for your Ears

I’ve written before about the sounds of Nicaragua. The constant barrage of cars beeping, horse hooves clopping, vendors calling and dogs barking are as much a part of the fabric of Nicaragua as the volcanoes that loom over every horizon and the natural lakes that bring the cool breezes at night. One of my favorite things about getting to know a new culture has been an exposure to new varieties of music. I love that you don’t need language to appreciate music. It transcends culture and time. It’s also very incestuous – one style of music pulling inspiration from and incorporating others, and it’s fun to follow this evolution across history and culture. I’ve found quite a few favorites since I started exploring latin music, from the soulful sounds of romantic salsa music to the beats of Calle 13. This caught my eyes and ears this week. Enjoy!

El diario de un borracho

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